Allesley Hall Primary School

Allesley Hall Primary School

ANTI BULLYING WEEK - 12th to 16th November 2018

As well as each year group, the whole school participated in various activities during 'Anti-Bullying Week'. Below are just some of the events that took place in school during the week.


We came to school wearing odd socks on Monday. This was a fun way to show that we are all different and that we don’t always have to agree with each other to show respect.


The PAIS team from St Christopher’s Church helped us to understand that it is very difficult to take unkind words back once you have said them and that even though people might look ok on the outside, bullying can bruise you on the inside.


We have spent this week visiting all the classes to see the learning linked to Anti-Bullying Week. We have taken over this week’s newsletter to share this with you and to show you how we stand together to STOP BULLYING!                                                                                                           

                          Books to Beat Bullying

Every class has studied a book this week that has included a range of themes to support Anti-Bullying. The themes have included friendship, kindness and celebrating differences.

Whole School Learning

The whole school has undertaken key learning this week to help us understand what bullying is and how we can deal with it if it is happening. All  children have created a ‘hand of five’. This helps children to identify five people who they feel they could talk to if they had a worry.

We have also been thinking about what respect is,how bullying is a behaviour choice and that     choosing respect is a choice people can make over bullying.



Friendship Friday         

Today we have been celebrating friendship. We have undertaken tasks and activities with old friends and new and have been discussing how important friends are and how we can all be a good friend.