Allesley Hall Primary School

Allesley Hall Primary School

Meet the Staff

Staff List

Head Teacher

Mrs C Potts

Deputy Head Teacher and SENCO

Mrs A Rush




Mrs J Johnston

Year 1

Miss L Fowdrey

Year 2

Miss S Ali

Year 3

Miss J King

Year 4

Miss R Marrs

Year 5

Miss C Mushing

Year 6

Mrs C Mulhall

PE Specialist Teacher

Mr M Styles


Mrs S Peters 

Teaching Assistants & Supervisory Assistants:

Mrs E Bicknell

Mrs T Rogers

Miss H Berry

Mrs C Hughes
Mrs C Brookes

Mr R Collings 
Mrs E Vickers

Mrs S Clarke

Business Manager:

Mrs T Robinson 

Admin Assistants

Mrs D Hardy

Mrs V Booth

AHPS Catering Team 

Mrs P Bird 

Mrs S Taylor 

SSO Officer

Mr D Bicknell