Allesley Hall Primary School

Allesley Hall Primary School



On Wednesday 3rd July 2019, the children were inspired by world renowned author Alex T Smith in a special assembly. He explained how he came to be interested in writing and illustrating from an early age by his grandfather who used to write about the adventures his toys had whilst he was in school. Alex talked about some of the books he has written including the Claude books and Mr. Penguin adventures. He explained where his ideas came from and how  children could gather sketches about anything that they see.


The highlight for many of the children and adults was when he taught us all how to draw an illustration of one of his characters. He showed the children how to use ‘illustrator’s scribble’ to make it look like fur and how to make a character looked friendly by the position of the eyes or eyebrows. It was an absolute joy to see the whole hall learning and illustrating together and an experience the children delighted in.


 We are always grateful to visitors who inspire our children. Alex’s wit, exceptional illustrative ability and clear enjoyment he took in sharing his skills with our children was something they will remember for a long time. There were definitely children sitting in the hall thinking, “One day…that’ll be me.”

Mrs Rush