Allesley Hall Primary School

Allesley Hall Primary School


This week the children were read a letter in assembly from a local community group explaining that they believe there is a serious local issue that concerns our school. It suggested that cars are being parked inconsiderately/unsafely around our school and that they are worried that there will be an accident due to speeding, poor parking and congestion at key times of the day. The children have been conducting their own research to find out if this is true. Wearing hi-vis jackets (bought by the PTA), whole classes have been carrying out roadside research including traffic surveys, taking photos of signs, road markings and how vehicles are parked and comparing the road conditions outside our school to other nearby schools. They received a visit from two West Midlands Police PCSOs, who talked about the benefits of walking to school and explained how dangerous driving and parking can lead to fines being issued and points on a driving licence. They talked about their role within the community and let some of the children try on their uniform and sit in the police car!


Two local councillors - Councillor Innes and Councillor Akhtar - also spent time in many of our classes listening to the children's findings and sharing their knowledge about how road safety could be improved. They also allowed the children to take part in a secret ballot choosing whether the lollipops should be given to the adults or the children in school. You may have noticed that your child brought home a lollipop - the children almost unanimously voted for themselves! Our Chair of Governors, Martin Shaw, who has been a local resident for nearly 50 years, has also shared his knowledge of the local area with the children. He explained how he has noticed the increase in cars over the years and has also been supporting children during their roadside research.


The children are busy gathering together all the evidence suggesting that something needs to change outside our school in order to write persuasive letters to the Council. The best ones will be hand delivered by the children at the beginning of July when they have been given an audience with the Mayor of Coventry and the Deputy Leader of the Council. It has been a delight to see the children so involved and passionate about this social action project. Please support them by discussing the issue of road safety at home. It would be wonderful to see a positive change happen as a result of their efforts.

Mrs Rush